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Hello to all our current and future nurses, students, and colleagues!

SNI has a new webpage and we invite you all to visit us for new information, updated information, and items of interest.  SNI headquarters is in America and the company has been in business for twenty years.  Originally, we were listed as Stateside Nursing International (SNI) but changed our name to Stateside Network International – still SNI – when we diversified our recruitment program to include student placement, training, and consulting.  SNI has been in business for twenty years and during that time we have ‘kept’ up with the changes that have taken place.

SNI has colleagues in the USA, New Zealand/Australia, Canada, Africa, Philippines, Korea, China, and we have been approached about recruitment and training in Nepal and Mongolia.  As you can see SNI is represented in many countries.

We will have a weekly newsletter with current articles about visas for the associated countries we work with. There will be cultural articles, helpful hints about living and working in America and other countries, IELTS, NCLEX and CGFNS, availability of positions for placement and education availability for students.

Consultation services are offered to hospitals in America and Britain who need nurses and are willing to sponsor the nurse.  180. Our first newsletter page will focus is on what is needed to work in America and will cover IELTS, is CGFNS really needed or can I just take NCLEX?  What does VSC mean, how long does sponsorship take, can I find an employer.

There will be a links in our newsletter to qualified immigration attorneys who we work with and trust. Links to CGFNS, NCLEX and most of all IELTS.  IELTS is needed by nurses, students, and workers.

Watch for our newsletter and thank you for visiting our new site.

Services offered include:

  • International networking service
  • International placement for those wishing to study in the USA and around the world
  • Specialized training services
  • Education programs
  • IELTS Training
  • NCLEX Assistance Program
  • Green card available
  • Consultancy services
  • International recruitment for jobs overseas

Here are our current options:

Opportunities in Singapore

SNI is pleased to tell you about a new program in beautiful Singapore. Many courses and degrees are available. SNI has the opportunity to partner ...
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NCLEX preparation – 9 great tips!

WANT TO TAKE NCLEX?  – WHY WAIT START PREPARING NOW! We all delay studying even though we have delayed too long. Don’t feel guilty – ...
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SPEECH LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST Total number of jobs: 142,715 Projected job growth, 2016-2026: 21.0% Median annual salary: $73,334 Typical education: Master’s degree The health care industry, in general, continues to ...
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PHYSICIAN'S ASSISTANT Total number of jobs: 103,422 Projected job growth, 2016-2026: 28.8% Median annual salary: $98,869 Typical education: Master’s degree Physician's assistants (PAs) are similar to nurse practitioners in ...
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PHYSICAL THERAPIST Total number of jobs: 226,661 Projected job growth, 2016-2026: 30.4% Median annual salary: $83,501 Typical education: Doctoral degree Aging baby boomers are a boon for those working ...
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HEALTH SERVICES MANAGER *** Total number of jobs: 337,863 Projected job growth, 2016-2026: 17.4% Median annual salary: $93,294 Typical education: Bachelor's degree The increasing demand for medical services calls ...
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Nurse practitioner

NURSE PRACTITIONER Total number of jobs: 145,331 Projected job growth, 2016-2026: 32.3% Median annual salary: $98,288 Typical education: Master's degree Health care coverage in our country may be up ...
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Good news for Filipino and Indian nurses!

American immigration update – some good news for Filipino nurses and Indian nurses! The EB-3 priority date for nurses in the Philippines has moved to ...
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Know your rights!

US Immigration Law - Know your rights! Do you know what your immigration rights are if you are stopped by a law enforcement officer for ...
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Moving to Canada?

Some suggestions to help you adjust more easily during the first few months after arrival Hopefully you will have accommodation to move in to! Find ...
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Living and working in the USA – money

LIVING AND WORKING IN THE U.S.A. There are many things you need to know about living and working in America. SNI will post a practical, ...
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Working in Australia or New Zealand

WORKING IN AUSTRALIA/NZ Agency RN placements let you join the staff with all the benefits that other hospital employees enjoy.  These are not travel nurse ...
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Writing a good CV

Your curriculum vitae/resume will play a major part in your personal profile that we will submit to our client hospitals on your behalf.  Take this ...
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Green Card Process for International RN’s

Green Card Process for International RN’s Complete Agency application forms Obtain study materials (Agency recommended complete package $200, includes audiotapes or CD’s, NCLEX review book, ...
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Mental Health Nursing positions in New Zealand

Mental Health Nursing positions in New Zealand This role has day to day nursing responsibility for assessing and managing the needs of clients that are ...
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Heathrow Aviation Academy

Heathrow Aviation Academy in association with SNI presents “Award in Air Cabin Crew” training Course delivered by British Airways at the London Heathrow Airport training ...
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Working as a cook in the USA

Working as a cook in the USA! We arrange guaranteed jobs for candidates. Please send your CV and profile so that we can submit to ...
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Jobs in Spain

We can arrange 3-year Residency Permits for those interested in migrating to Spain and potentially looking to set-up their own business. Please contact us for ...
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Jobs in Italy

Chef recruits Chef Academy of Italy – - is about to open a new school in Italy, close to Rimini in the north. We ...
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Jobs in Canada

FARM WORKERS Safe and promising future for you and your children Flight ticket is paid by the employer Assistance with finding cheap accommodation ($500) Salary: ...
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NCLEX/CGFNS REVIEW COURSE LAGOS, NIGERIA and NAIROBI, KENYA (Possibly Ghana) This review is by Podcast or USTREAM Dates: (cancelled due to unexpected circumstances - watch this page ...
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CVOR in Virginia

SNI is now recruiting committed and qualified nurses who are NCLEX passers and are willing to relocate to Florida and/or Virginia. Our clients will also ...
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Opportunities in Florida

SNI is now recruiting committed and qualified nurses who are NCLEX passers and are  willing to relocate to Florida and/or Virginia. Our clients will also ...
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Registered nurse (PERIOPERATIVE department)

REGISTERED NURSE (PERIOPERATIVE DEPARTMENT) **SCRUB/SCOUT** Full-time and Part-time positions available Exciting opportunities currently exist for experienced Registered Nurses with previous  perioperative experience to join our ...
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Hospitality trainee

Traineeships - J-1 Visa Program (USA)     SNI (USA) and GRB (UK) offer opportunities to train/work in the USA as a hospitality trainee. Benefits: 6-12 months ...
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Cardiac-Vascular Operating Room (CVOR) nurses

SNI is currently recruiting for one of our clients Cardiac-Vascular Operating Room (CVOR) nurses. The ideal candidate will have two years’ experience as a CVOR ...
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International Hospitals Recruitment Inc

OPPORTUNITIES IN: UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia SNI in cooperation with International Hospitals Recruitment Inc. (IHR) located in Canada is pleased to offer working opportunities ...
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Sponsoring your green card!

Green Card Sponsorship! Stateside Network International in cooperation with one of our partners is pleased to offer our green card sponsorship program to international nurses who qualify.​ IELTS passer with a ...
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Qingdao Technological University

Qingdao Technological University See our PDF here ...
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Jobs in UAE and Saudi Arabia

OPPORTUNITIES IN:  Abu Dhabi - Qatar - Saudi Arabia  SNI in cooperation with International Hospital Recruitment (IHR) located in Canada is pleased to offer working opportunities in ...
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US Visa Recapture Program

NEW PROGRAM:  Recapturing EB-3 Case Number. If you are a nurse who was petitioned for the I-140 and have received your approval notice from immigration ...
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STUDY ABROAD IN CHINA SNI is pleased to announce its new affiliation with the China Pharmacological University (CPU) in Nanjing, China. CPU offers Bachelor Degree ...
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Hotel Management course in Malaysia

We are pleased to announce our new affiliation with Edu-Front in Malaysia.  Edu- Front offers study/work programs or just study programs with Universities in Malaysia. Send us your resume, contact details ...
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IT Program (Canada)

The CANADA COLLEGE FOR HIGHER STUDIES IT PROGRAM, TORONTO, CANADA STUDY/WORK PROGRAM These programs are for those interested in learning how to succeed in the ...
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NCLEX Assistance Program

SNI is pleased to offer our new NCLEX assistance program to assist applicants to get complete the NCLEX requirements.  SNI fee is  US and the ...
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Teaching English in China

1)  SNI  is working with different programs in China - currently we are recruiting for a summer  program to help students with their conversational English.  ...
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Shelbourne College, Dublin (Ireland)

IRELAND Study and Work Program:  SNI is pleased to offer a new program in cooperation with Shelbourne College in Dublin, Ireland.  You are allowed to work ...
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Chef’s Academy of London, New York and Italy

Chef Academy of London, New York and Italy. SNI is pleased to announce its new partnership with the Chef Academy of London and New York ...
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The Canada College, Toronto

STUDY/WORK PROGRAM in TORONTO, CANADA These programs are for those interested in learning how to succeed in the Information Technology (IT) field. This is a ...
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Jobs – Permanent Residents Only (USA)

Florida (East Coast; Orlando, Boynton Beach): OR, ICU; Pediatrics; Texas (Houston): ICU; OR; M/S; Rehab California (Fresno):  ICU; M/S; OR Full time positions; competitive salaries ...
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Nursing jobs – USA

Permanent RN Placement-USA Let SNI help you find a permanent placement.  Permanent RN positions in Florida, Texas, California, New Mexico. All specialties needed. Must have CURRENT  ...
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Immigration to Canada

SNI now  offers  a wonderful  IT study/work program in Toronto that can lead to work visa .  It is a new program and intake is April, July ...
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CPR and first aid

CPR and First Aid In coperation with Solutions for Occupational Safety (American Heart Association certified instructors) SNI is pleased to offer the following: Basic Life ...
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Dialysis Training Course The dialysis training course is open to all registered nurses. A separate course can be arranged for those wanting to learn to ...
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NSIA (New Zealand) Hotel Management, International Culinary Arts; Hospitality Management All fees are in NZ dollars.Home stay is available at approximately $200 per week and ...
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Education in the UK

Education in the UK BBSI | Elite Training | Magna Carta College| GRB (UK) SNI has educational opportunities in the UK for International Students. We ...
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BBSI (UK) SNI has educational opportunities in the UK for International Students. We currently are able to offer education programs at the college and university ...
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Magna Carta College (UK)

Magna Carta College, Oxford (UK) SNI is pleased to announce our affiliation with Magna Carta College in Oxford, England. Magna Carta is affiliated with the University ...
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Master’s Degree Program and Bachelor Degree Programs (USA)

Master's Degree Program and Bachelor Degree Programs, USA Salt Lake City, Utah; San Diego, California, Santa Barbara, California  Master's in Health Care Administration - Bachelor's ...
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Our director Pat Decker has been in the recruitment and placement industry since 1994. She worked for one of the top travel nurse agencies in Boulder, Colorado and started their international recruitment program before leaving for San Francisco and starting her own company, Stateside Nursing International (SNI) in 1996. We now have a new name – Stateside Network International. SNI is based in the USA.

SNI is known throughout the world for its caring attitude toward each and every client we work with. As a result of our efforts, a great many of our new clients come through referrals from those we have worked with in the past.

We are confident that the knowledge and expertise of all those associated with SNI will serve you well and we look forward to working with you!



Chef Academy of Italy – – is about to open a new school in Italy, close to Rimini in the north. We are looking to recruit students for training with top chefs.

  • Two year visa
  • Work entitlement
  • Volume discount from 10-70% depending of numbers of students

After training, we can also help students with work permits with potential employers.

Please contact us for further information, or email


Traineeships – J-1 Visa Program (USA)    

SNI (USA) can offer opportunities to train/work in the USA as a hospitality trainee.


  • 6-12 months placement – your choice. Discuss with your recruiter.
  • Minimum wages – $9 -$15 USD per hour based on 32-40 hour work week.
  • (Servers get a small salary but earn tips)
  • No IELTS/TOEFL needed
  • Employment arranged prior to leaving your home country
  • 30-day accommodation upon arrival. Help finding permanent accommodation.
  • Certificate of Sponsorship and Training Plans supplied

Requirements – 12-months hospitality experience needed:

  • Applicants must be between age 18-years to 35-years
  • Applicants must be willing to go where sponsor needs them the most
  • Graduated from any education program within the last 5-years
  • Have a completed 1-4 year diploma in the past five years
  • Good communication in English.
  • Detailed resume and two (2) letters of reference

Trainee Positions Available – Hospitality:

  • Servers/catering/Food and Beverage/Culinary/Cooks/Server Assistants/Busser
  • Guest Services/Front Desk/Front Office: Some positions require prior experience.

Locations: 5 star hotel/resorts in America and include: Miami, FL; Hilton Head Island, SC; Palm Springs, CA; Aspen, CO; Boston, MA, Park City, UT; NYC; Anchorage AK (Marriott)

Cost for applicant and financial responsibility:

  • Airfare (Round trip); Medical Insurance $1.20 per day; Accommodation if not provided
  • Visa Cost and SEVIS fee: $340 – These are US government fees paid by each applicant..
  • Placement fee: $3,900 USD/6-months or less; $4,950 USD/12-18-months
  • No other costs will be assessed by placement agency.

Contact: or