Advertising With SNI  (New Service!)

Each advertiser will have a link to your site and all programs and your logo will  be posted

Stateside Network International’s (SNI) new website shows our expansion and diversification. SNI has many years of experience in  global recruitment and placement including in the health care industry. We see the need for more international cooperation in the finding and   placing of students and workers in countries around the world.  Contact us with your information and any open recruitment positions available.

SNI is aware of the problems faced by businesses, schools and candidates in attracting new applicants.  Our experience in placing international nurses – an important and complicated process – has convinced us that education is also a major factor in the career success of students, employees and employers in meeting these needs.

We are now partnered with international colleges, universities and schools around the world who offer comprehensive educational opportunities. SNI is pleased to offer the opportunity to advertise on our new website.

Advertising with SNI will give you the opportunity to reach a bigger target market.  It is open to all educational facilities, employers, agencies and training programs. You can list your different educational programs, jobs available, services offered, agencies, training programs and products on our website.

We also offer an international RN green card sponsorship program to hospitals and all medical facilities that are short-staffed and looking for international direct hire candidates. 

Advertising Advantages: • Cost effective • Saves time • Reach a bigger market • Advertise on a reputable and established website • Marketing consultant available – let us help you with your ad service with our marketing consultant – fees: $150 – $300 per month to be determined depending on work involved and size of advertisement.

Fees for advertising: $250 per month with an introductory offer of $500 for three months for all new advertisers –  send us your ad for an estimate.  Includes updates. Thank you again for your trust in us and we look forward to a continued association with you.

To advertise with SNI please contact us.

Pat Decker, Director – SNI

Watch this space for future updates & programs!


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