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This review is by Podcast or USTREAM

Dates: (cancelled due to unexpected circumstances – watch this page for the new dates).  

This NCLEX review is streamed live from America and will be sent to both the above locations. It is presented by ICAN Publishing and Sylvia Rayfield & Associates, with American Instructors. The only difference between the live reviews SNI had previously planned, where the instructors are physically present is that the instructors will be teaching it live from America.

This review course will be streamed to a classroom venue in both Lagos and Nairobi (possibly Ghana). You get the same review, the same question and answer time, the same post follow-up with the instructors (120 days), the same books; the 30-day IELTS study program and the same follow up with SNI. And the same interested employer! Plus a chance to meet fellow nurses from your area.

All of the study guides will be sent to both cities in one shipment to our representatives in Lagos, Nigeria and Nairobi, Kenya (and/or Ghana). To save you postage in Africa, we ask that you collect them from our representatives in the above locations. We MUST ship the study books (4) including pharmacology, at least 30-days prior to the start date to assist you in studying for the review course. Studying is essential to get good results.

  • $1,495 per nurse. This fee is inclusive of all SNI services – tuition, the study books (including Pharmacology; Medical Surgical Nursing; Nursing Made Insanely Easy; NCLEX-RN 10: How to Pass! Helpful hints, and Abbreviations used); classroom venue, shipment of the study books. We must have a minimum of 30 nurses between the locations – any combination will work. (We can accommodate up to 25 nurses in each location).

If we cancel the review for ANY reason all tuition will be refunded except for $350 to cover all study materials which includes the above and DHL shipment cost from America. All study material is yours to keep, use, and share. The 30-day free IELTS study is also yours. If no books have been sent and you have paid tuition there is no deduction. A refund will be given minus bank charges of $50 if paid bank-to-bank.

Please complete the attached registration form and return ASAP. Do not send payment until further instructions. At the time of registration, information about the employer’s program will be sent to you

This review course is the same one given to nurses in America, graduating from American Nursing Schools. It is interchangeable with the CGFNS study guide and exam.

Once we receive your registration we will send the Green Card and employer information.

Any local tax assessed by the government in Africa is paid by you.

A discount of $50 in the cost of tuition will be deducted for every referral you send that signs up for the course. (NZ)


Download the application form here: NCLEX Africa application form


This includes 120-days ongoing access to the American educators for questions (please try and consolidate questions); a 30-day online IELTS study course and a complete five book study program, plus ongoing access throughout the process with SNI.   It also includes the Green Card information and employer information once you have paid your registration fee.


SNI will guide you with the complete process. It is a lot of work, a lot of expense but worth it. Each application for CGFNS, Visa Screen, and License is paid by you at the time of applying. The employer reimburses Visa Screen and license and/or CGFNS registration after arrival in America.

The local tax fee (if any) your country charges will be added to the tuition.

It takes lots of work, study and trust. We know you can do it!

Sponsoring your green card!

Green Card Sponsorship!

Stateside Network International in cooperation with one of our partners is pleased to offer our green card sponsorship program to international nurses who qualify.

  • IELTS passer with a score of 6.5 overall and a 7 in speaking.
  • NCLEX or CGFNS passer 
  • 1-2year current experience in a hospital setting.

SNI can guide you through the process.  Please submit the NCLEX assistance fee after we have assessed your resume and you want to move forward.  This fee is waived if you take the NCLEX Review Course. The $400 is refundable once you start working.

Detailed resume to include type of hospital, size of hospital,type of patients you care for and equipment used. Submit this ASAP. Then send copy of your IELTS; NCLEX result; CGFNS result and any other certification you have plus a cover letter about you.  When we receive your resume SNI will set a time to talk to you via phone or Skype.  Once we have spoken with you and assessed your English, SNI will assess whether to forward your resume to the employer.

NCLEX and CGFNS:  Once you have either NCLEX orCGFNS and IELTS, the employer’s will issue you a contract and start sponsorship. If you live close to a location where NCLEX testing is offered, NCLEX is required.  For those nurses who do notCGFNS will be required.  CGFNS has locations throughout the world and SNI will help guide you through registration.  During this time you will also register to take the NCLEX test and will take it upon arrival in the USA.  

Benefits Include but are not limited to: $25-$28 per hour salary plus shift differentials; Attorney and all visa costs paid; one way airfare; one-month free accommodation provided when you arrive in America. Employer does not pay any costs for family members but they will be added to the petition. NVC fees paid; $1500 housing allowance upon arrival; $1000 arrival stipend.

Due to the current visa retrogression we cannot offer this program to nurses from the Philippines, India or China but will receive resumes. If you have a current priority date from a previous employer you can transfer to another employer and receive a new contract.  or (NZ)

NCLEX Assistance Program

SNI is pleased to offer our new NCLEX assistance program to assist applicants to get complete the NCLEX requirements.  SNI fee is  US and the services we offer are (outlined below):

Assist and follow up with CGFNS registration (if needed).

Help you  with the State Board registration for NCLEX.

Assist with Pearson Vue registration – this is the company that is responsible for scheduling the appointment to sit the NCLEX – we will secure an appointment for you and guide you through the process and registration.

IELTS registration – this program includes a 90-day IELTS  course through Impact Learning in New Zealalnd. This is a brilliant IELTS study program.

IELTS is needed for many State Boards, CGFNS, Visa Screen and all employers in the USA, plus immigration.

Visa Screen processing and follow up – this is the most time consuming for us all.

SNI does not pay the registration fees for these agencies but will guide you every step of the way and follow up on all of your documentation with the agencies until the completion.

 Registration can be done in stages.

Cost for service $1245 – this includes the 90-day free IELTS course.