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Green Card Process for International RN’s

Green Card Process for International RN’s



  • Complete Agency application forms
  • Obtain study materials (Agency recommended complete package $200, includes audiotapes or CD’s, NCLEX review book, pharmacology review book and “nursing made insanely easy” review book.)
  • Apply to Nursing Board and/or  CGFNS       ($160-$275)    (3 months)
  • Study, study, study                                                                 (concurrent with above)
  • Complete CES application if required by board. ($275)        (concurrent with above)
  • Issued ATT (Authorisation To Test) by Board                      (2-3 months)
  • Book exam with Vue ($200)                                                   (2 months)
  • Sit NCLEX/CGFNS                           (travel costs)               (own schedule)
  • Provide result and documentation for visa to agency             (2-3 weeks)
  • Interview for position arranged by agency                             (1 month)
  • Green card application started by attorney                             (2 months)
  • INS issues receipt notice                                                        (4 months)
  • Complete visa screen documentation ($275)
  • Sit NCLEX if only have CGFNS                                           (2 months)
  • Complete packet 3 for Attorney/INS                                     (3-4 months)
  • Consulate application/fee (up to $250 per family member)   (2 months)
  • Consulate required medical per family member (costs vary) (1 month)
  • Interview at local consulate                                                    (3-4 months)
  • Arrange travel and accommodation!


  • Alternative option for CGFNS certificated nurses: sit NCLEX after arrival in US.


This is a lengthy process that each nurse can take at her own pace, step by step.

All costs are in US$$ and can be paid directly to the organizations concerned.

Heathrow Aviation Academy

Heathrow Aviation Academy in association with SNI presents

“Award in Air Cabin Crew” training Course delivered by British Airways at the London Heathrow Airport training facilities”

Enroll Now
Competitive Advantage:
• 15 Days intensive course covering a range of theory and practical sessions
• Course delivered by British Airways at the London Heathrow airport training facilities
• Taught by experienced instructors who train British Airways Cabin Crew staff
• State of the art training facilities set within London Heathrow Airport
• Gain Knowledge and skills needed to succeed as cabin crew
• Increase your exposure and employment prospects globally
• Customer service and employability skills training included
• Receive an “Award in Air Cabin Crew” produced by British Airways upon completion
• Apply to any airline worldwide and have a competitive advantage over others
• Visit the famous landmarks in the UK whilst studying
• IELTS 5.5 or B2 level English or equivalent testing to be carried out internally

Go to: for entry details and requirements.

COSTS: All fees are in GBP (British Pounds). Credit cards accepted.

  • Heathrow Aviation Academy application fee- £100
  • Heathrow Aviation Academy course fee- £1800.
  • Accommodation – Approx £350 per person for 14 nights with continental breakfast (based on twin room shared with one person)
  • Free shuttle bus daily from accommodation to BAAA.
  • Airport meet and greet.
  • Group pick up transportation cost £20-40 GBP per person each way
  • Lunch and Dinner available at the training facilities canteen.
  • Flights- student pays – SNI will help arrange.
  • Visa – student pays (approximately £60 for visitor/student visa)
  • SNI service fee- $250 (US) – Admissions processing, visa support, flights reservations support and general advice.

When you complete the course spend some time exploring London. Tours arranged!

For more information contact us and/or visit our website.: (USA) (USA)

Scan the QR Code




Dates to be determined

This review is by Podcast or USTREAM

 This NCLEX review is streamed live from America and will be sent to both the above locations. It is presented by ICAN Publishing and Sylvia Rayfield & Associates, with American Instructors.  The instructors will be teaching it live from America.

This review course will be streamed to a classroom venue in both Lagos and Nairobi (possibly Ghana). You get the same review, the same question and answer time, the same post follow-up with the instructors (120 days), the same books; 90 day IELTS study program and the same follow up with SNI. This is a chance to meet fellow nurses from your area.

All of the study guides will be sent to the location in one shipment to our representatives in Lagos, Nigeria and Nairobi, Kenya (and/or Ghana). To save you postage in Africa, we ask that you collect them from our representatives in the above locations. We MUST ship the study books (4) including pharmacology, at least 45-days prior to the start date of any training class to assist you in studying for the review course. Studying is essential to get good results.

  • $1,595 per nurse. This fee is inclusive of all SNI services – tuition, the study books (including Pharmacology; Medical Surgical Nursing; Nursing Made Insanely Easy; NCLEX-RN 10: How to Pass! Helpful hints, and Abbreviations used); classroom venue, shipment of the study books. Helpful Hints from SNI. We must have a minimum of 25 nurses between the locations – any combination will work. (We can accommodate up to 25 nurses in each location).
  • Payment can be made in two installments. $795 upon registration and $795 thirty days prior to the podcast.

If we cancel the review for ANY reason all tuition will be refunded except for $395 to cover all study materials which includes the above and the DHL shipment cost from America. All study material is yours to keep, use, and share.  If no books have been sent and you have paid tuition there is no deduction. A full  refund will be given minus bank charges of $50 if paid bank-to-bank.

Please complete the attached registration form and return ASAP. Do not send payment until further instructions. At the time of registration, information about the employer’s program will be sent to you.

This review course is the same one given to nurses in America, graduating from American Nursing Schools. It is interchangeable with the CGFNS study guide and exam.

Once we receive your registration we will add you to our data base and will reply to all emails within 24-48-hours.

Any local tax assessed by the government in Africa is paid by you.

A discount of $100 in the cost of tuition will be deducted for every referral you send that signs up for the course.

Download the application form here: NCLEX Africa application form

This includes 120-days ongoing access to the American educators for questions (please try and consolidate questions); a 90-day online IELTS study course and a complete five book study program, plus ongoing access throughout the process with SNI.   It also includes the Green Card information, SNI information and other helpful hints. Everything will be sent once we have your registration form and the initial payment. 

SNI will guide you with the complete process. It is a lot of work, a lot of expense but worth it. Each application for CGFNS, Visa Screen, and License is paid by you at the time of applying. The employer reimburses Visa Screen and license and/or CGFNS registration after arrival in America.

The local tax fee (if any) your country charges will be added to the tuition.

It takes lots of work, study and trust. We know you can do it!



Opportunities in Florida

SNI is now recruiting committed and qualified nurses who are NCLEX passers and are  willing to relocate to Florida and/or Virginia.

Our clients will also sponsor the Canadian TN visa and the Green Card!

Florida (East Coast):

  • Operating room (OR)
  • Emergency Room (ER)
  • Medical-surgical (M/S) – Ortho/Neuro
  • Medical Surgical (M/S –   Oncology
  • Medical Surgical (M/S) – combined with PCU
  • Pediatrics


  • NCLEX passer
  • BCLS/ACLS/PALS as required for position
  • Willing to relocate


  • Salary based on experience
  • Great shift differentials
  • Help with travel
  • 30-day free accommodation upon arrival
  • Attorney fees paid
  • Permanent positions – 12-hour shifts

Please send a detailed resume to:   

International Hospitals Recruitment Inc

International Hospitals Recruitment Inc

OPPORTUNITIES IN: UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

SNI in cooperation with International Hospitals Recruitment Inc. (IHR) located in Canada is pleased to offer working opportunities in the countries listed above.

Recruitment areas: USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

No recruitment fee to the applicant.  


Current positions available:

  • Physicians (most specialties and sub-specialties)
  • Registered Nurses (most specialties and sub-specialties)
  • Physical Therapists – Occupational Therapists -Respiratory Therapists
  • Radiology Technologists
  • Administrative; Teachers; Technicians

Experience:              2-5 years depending on position

Contract:                   1-2 year (vary by hospital) with option to extend

Physicians 1 month short contracts and longer contracts available.

Salary range: Depending on specialty and experience.

Benefit Package includes:

  • Free accommodation – Free medical coverage
  • Free airfare (Round trip) paid by the employer
  • Free Transportation – Tax free income
  • Contract Completion bonus (2-4 weeks salary)
  • 40-54 calendar days paid vacation per year

Click this link to give you an idea of Salary and Benefits for each category
This website also has the locations available and all job postings.

Send your resume to:             

Phone: -850-225-1249 (USA)                                                       


Sponsoring your green card!

Green Card Sponsorship!

Stateside Network International in cooperation with one of our partners is pleased to offer our green card sponsorship program to international nurses who qualify.

  • IELTS passer with a score of 6.5 overall and a 7 in speaking.
  • NCLEX or CGFNS passer 
  • 1-2year current experience in a hospital setting.

SNI can guide you through the process.  Please submit the NCLEX assistance fee after we have assessed your resume and you want to move forward.  This fee is waived if you take the NCLEX Review Course. The $400 is refundable once you start working.

Detailed resume to include type of hospital, size of hospital,type of patients you care for and equipment used. Submit this ASAP. Then send copy of your IELTS; NCLEX result; CGFNS result and any other certification you have plus a cover letter about you.  When we receive your resume SNI will set a time to talk to you via phone or Skype.  Once we have spoken with you and assessed your English, SNI will assess whether to forward your resume to the employer.

NCLEX and CGFNS:  Once you have either NCLEX or CGFNS and IELTS, the employer’s will issue you a contract and start sponsorship. If you live close to a location where NCLEX testing is offered, NCLEX is required.  For those nurses who do notCGFNS will be required.  CGFNS has locations throughout the world and SNI will help guide you through registration.  During this time you will also register to take the NCLEX test and will take it upon arrival in the USA.  

Benefits Include but are not limited to: $23-$32 per hour salary plus shift differentials; Attorney and all visa costs paid depending on the employer; one way airfare; one-month free accommodation provided when you arrive in America. Employer does not pay any costs for family members but they will be added to the petition. Other benefits will apply.

Due to the current visa retrogression we cannot offer this program to nurses from India or China but will receive resumes. If you have a current priority date from a previous employer you can transfer to another employer and receive a new contract.  or

Jobs in UAE and Saudi Arabia

OPPORTUNITIES IN:  Abu Dhabi – Qatar – Saudi Arabiaglobe_logo

 SNI in cooperation with International Hospital Recruitment (IHR) located in Canada is pleased to offer working opportunities in the countries listed above.  Recruiting from the following locations:  Western Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Current positions available:

  • Physicians (most specialties and sub-specialties)
  • Registered Nurses (most specialties and sub specialties)
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Respiratory Therapists
  • Radiology Technologists

Experience:       2-5 years depending on position

Contract:         1-2 years (varies by hospital) with option to extend. (For Physicians 1-month short term positions available).

Salary range:  Depending on specialty and experience.

Benefit Package includes:

  • Free accommodation
  • Free medical coverage
  • Free airfare (Round trip) paid by the employer
  • Free Transportation
  • Tax free income
  • Contract completion bonus (2-4 weeks salary)
  • 40-54 calendar days paid vacation per year

This is an excellent opportunity to work with exceptional, state-of the-art, hospitals. All care is based on the American or British system. For a confidential informal chat  Please contact:     

1-850-225-1249 (USA)                                    

US Visa Recapture Program

NEW PROGRAM:  Recapturing EB-3 Case Number.

If you are a nurse who was petitioned for the I-140 and have received your approval notice from immigration but your previous employer no longer wants to hire you, we can help you find a new employer and sponsor, recapturing your original petition date.  Please send us details and send the original I-140 approval document if you have it.


  1. Current US license.
  2. Current Visa Screen if available.
  3. Proof of NVC Case Number either the DS3032 or I-864 or DS230 packet if available.
  4. In the past 2 years, finished 1 year clinical bedside work experience.
  5. Proof of IELTS or TOEFL, TSE. If it is not current, please take again. It is possible that you can retake the IELTS while the new petition is pending.
  6. Approval notice from immigration – if not, send us all the prior immigration details.

Current resume – send first so that we can send to employers with license and documentation.

This is an excellent opportunity for those nurses who have been ‘abandoned’ by their previous employer, either because of change in management, sale of facility, budget reasons or position no longer available.  The process will take from 6-months to one year for final approval once the new petition has been filed and receipt of all documentation by the NVC.

Some of the new employers do pay the immigration fees.  Others will not and you are responsible for immigration filing costs. The current positions are hospital based.  Salaries are based on your years of experience and the hospital location.

SNI’s partner, who is based in California, is responsible for submitting your resume to the employer. The employer will then make arrangements to interview you either by phone or Skype. If accepted into the program by the employer you will be offered a contract by the employer.  The contract or Job Offer Letter (JOL) will state salary, length of contract, scheduled shift, shift differentials, relocation allowance and any bonus if it is offered.

Places limited – apply now.

IT Program (Canada)



These programs are for those interested in learning how to succeed in the Information Technology (IT) field. This is a private career college focusing on individual attention.  Programs and Courses offered:

    • Diploma in Systems Administration with UNIX
    • Diploma in Network (LAN/WAN) Administration
    • Diploma in Computerized accounting with Office Administration
    • SAP; IBM Websphere; Oracle WebLogic; Tomcat; Oracle, MS SQL Database; VMware (vSpere); ITIL; PMP, and many more.


    • Job focused curriculum to gain the knowledge the employer is looking for.
    • Instructor led and hands-on training.
    • Focus on the latest IT skills that are in demand in the market place.
    • Can work 20-hours a week while studying and full time during scheduled breaks.
    • Work on “real-time” projects.
    • Job location assistance (almost every student who completes the Diploma Program are working full-time in well-paid, secure jobs).
    • Assistance with Home Stay options.

Requirements and total costs:

    • 18-years of age or above.
    • IELTS of 6 overall (5.5 in each band) or TOEFL – 79 score. Or letter from your school testifying that all instruction was in English.
    • Completed 10+2 years with a Certified Secondary/High School Graduation.
  •   $750 (USD) paid at time of application.  Includes:
  • $200 (Canadian) registration fee paid to the college.
  • The above fees are non-refundable,
  • Tuition: depending on course taken.

The student pays the medical fee for the visa and the visa cost at the Embassy.

Canadian College for Higher Studies welcomes all international students and offers services such as: help with airport pick up, help with finding accommodation and job placement – Phone: 1-850-225-1249 (USA).


NCLEX Assistance Program

Stateside Network International (SNI)

NCLEX Assistance Program  (Individual Study)

Needed by a nurse to pass the American Nursing Boards (NCLEX) – listed in steps:

  1. Study for the NCLEX– we are recommending and will send you study guides that are easy to understand and will help you to pass the exams.
  2. Apply for NCLEX: We suggest Texas for NLCEX- SNI helps you with this.
  3. Once accepted to sit NCLEX and all documentation is complete the testing center will be notified.
  4. Your testing site (based on the nurses’ request) will be scheduled. SNI assists with this.
  5. Nurse goes to testing site and takes the exam.
  6. There are about 300 questions. You do not have to answer all of the questions to pass.
  7. Results within 1-3 weeks for NCLEX.
  8. Requirements:
  • IELTS – 6.5 overall band with 7 in speaking needed.
  • Credentialing Evaluation Service (CES). Transcripts must be evaluated by this service for NCLEX.
  • Not all Boards require everything listed above to qualify for sitting the NCLEX.

Needed to work as a nurse in the USA and get a Visa Screen:

  1. NCLEX passer.
  2. IELTS.
  3. Visa Screen through ICHP. A certificate will be issued.
  4. SNI helps you with registration process. The Visa Screen is needed for the petition.

Applying for a visa:

  1. SNI will help find you a sponsoring employer.
  2. Receive a job offer letter (JOL) or contract from employer.
  3. Work with employer’s attorney and sponsor.
  4. Continued assistance by SNI.

Submit all documentation needed to file for the visa.

  1. Most employers pay for the immigration work for you and occasionally for family members.
  2. Petition immigration – done by the attorney.
  3. It is up to immigration to approve the petition (but never any guarantee).
  4. There is a “retrogression of visas” for some countries. This means that there may be a long wait-time until you are approved and it applies to those born in China, India and the Philippines.  Even though you are now a citizen of another country immigration approval is based on country of birth.
  5. For the rest of the world (ROW) there is about 3-5 months wait time for the petition to be approved.

Initial petition approved – what happens next:

  1. Once the petition comes back approved you will receive an email from the employer/attorney and/or SNI.
  2. Immigration sends the approval notice to the National Visa Center (NVC).
  3. The NVC will notify you and attorney of record (and SNI if given permission by the nurse.)
  4. The NVC will send a letter and documents to the nurse with instructions of what to do next.
  5. At this time there are more forms to complete and NVC will send you a payment form for you and every member of your family (spouse and children).

To move forward you must pay the NVC visa fees. The employer often pays or reimburses these fees for the original applicant, but not family members.

  1. Once the NVC receives the fees and the forms necessary, NVC notifies the Embassy of the approval and requests an interview time.
  2. The nurse contacts the Embassy for the appointment (at some Embassies the Embassy will schedule it– but usually the nurse has to contact the Embassy.)
  3. The Embassy will request a physical (medical exam) and you will be given a list of doctors.
  4. Only those doctors recommended by the Embassy are accepted. There is a fee for the medical.
  5. Results are given in a sealed envelope and you take it to the Embassy at time of appointment.
  6. The interviewer will have a file on you. Take your passport and a copy of all documentation with you.  Your children do not have to go but take their passports.  If an Embassy wants the entire family to go, then that’s what you do! Spouse should always go with you if possible.
  7. The Consular Officer will ask questions, but the interview does not take long.
  8. There is a fee to be paid at the Embassy for you and any family member.
  9. You will be told how you will receive the visa – (by courier, mail, or pick up at the Embassy).
  10. There is a new rule – every person receiving the visa must pay $165 to the government. It can be paid at the Embassy or upon arrival in the USA.  Best advice – pay at the Embassy if you can.

Visa issued and received – you can now leave for America – BUT – it must be activated within 6-months.  Suggest you arrive without family, get settled in America, and then send for your family.

SNI consultant fee – $995.   Paid $600 upon assessment and acceptance into the program– this payment will include: 

A 90-day online IELTS study course ($100)

A four manual NCLEX study program ($200).

Additional 6-month online study course recommended: Additional cost $280 – order with the manuals.

Overseas postage $65.

Second payment $395 made at time of registering for NCLEX.


Our NCLEX service will guide you with all the above.  It is a lot of work and expense for you (and SNI) – but worth it.

The information on the employer will be sent when you are submitted to an employer and we know you meet the employment requirement and we have received your payment.

All other registration costs are paid by you, the applicant.


Please let us know if you would like this service. Complete the attached form and return.

If we have enough applicants (25-50) we can hold a review course (or Podcast) in your home country.