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Heathrow Aviation Academy

Heathrow Aviation Academy in association with SNI presents

“Award in Air Cabin Crew” training Course delivered by British Airways at the London Heathrow Airport training facilities”

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Competitive Advantage:
• 15 Days intensive course covering a range of theory and practical sessions
• Course delivered by British Airways at the London Heathrow airport training facilities
• Taught by experienced instructors who train British Airways Cabin Crew staff
• State of the art training facilities set within London Heathrow Airport
• Gain Knowledge and skills needed to succeed as cabin crew
• Increase your exposure and employment prospects globally
• Customer service and employability skills training included
• Receive an “Award in Air Cabin Crew” produced by British Airways upon completion
• Apply to any airline worldwide and have a competitive advantage over others
• Visit the famous landmarks in the UK whilst studying
• IELTS 5.5 or B2 level English or equivalent testing to be carried out internally

Go to: for entry details and requirements.

COSTS: All fees are in GBP (British Pounds). Credit cards accepted.

  • Heathrow Aviation Academy application fee- £100
  • Heathrow Aviation Academy course fee- £1800.
  • Accommodation – Approx £350 per person for 14 nights with continental breakfast (based on twin room shared with one person)
  • Free shuttle bus daily from accommodation to BAAA.
  • Airport meet and greet.
  • Group pick up transportation cost £20-40 GBP per person each way
  • Lunch and Dinner available at the training facilities canteen.
  • Flights- student pays – SNI will help arrange.
  • Visa – student pays (approximately £60 for visitor/student visa)
  • SNI service fee- $250 (US) – Admissions processing, visa support, flights reservations support and general advice.

When you complete the course spend some time exploring London. Tours arranged!

For more information contact us and/or visit our website.: (USA) (USA)

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Shelbourne College, Dublin (Ireland)


Study and Work Program:  SNI is pleased to offer a new program in cooperation with Shelbourne College in Dublin, Ireland.  You are allowed to work 20-hours a week while studying – full time on holidays and weekends.

The College is located in beautiful Dublin, Ireland and offers study programs in the School of Business, School of Health and Social Care, School of Hospitality and Tourism, English Language Academy, Engineering and Technology.   These are Diploma Courses that can lead to a Master’s Program.  For example: if you have a BSN in nursing, you will attend the Health Care Management Course at Level-7 for one year with a Post Graduate Diploma awarded.  Then take a ‘top-up’ course for 7-months which will be the equivalent of a Master’s Degree.   This program applies to any applicant who has a Bachelor’s Degree.   All courses are accredited by global awarding bodies.

The college has a department that assists with job placement and accommodation.  Student visas are quite easy to get and Ireland needs more trained, qualified workers.  Salary is higher and cost of living lower than in the UK.

Benefits of this program:

    • Very reasonable tuition fees plus $600 paid to SNI for admin work and processing.
    • No college registration fee required. Tuition required 30 days prior to start date.
    • Full tuition fee payback if visa is not granted.
    • Easy visa process for Ireland.
    • Students can stay up to seven years in Ireland.
    • One-year work permit is granted after course completion.
    • Good job prospects after completing studies.
    • Part time work allowed with a limit of 20-hours per week and full-time on holidays.
    • Job placement department within the college.
    • Excellent academic staff.
  • Dublin, Ireland location.  Dublin, Ireland is a beautiful country with a rich heritage and long history. Dublin is modern and the home of several Fortune 500 companies. Why not “Broaden your Horizons” and study in Ireland!

Intake: June and September, 2015

For more information contact or call SNI at 001-850-225-1249.