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Registered nurses needed for Florida

RN’s needed for Florida.

  1. Family Birth Place night shift must have 2 years exp
  2. M/S Night shift needed.   One year experience
  3. Clinical Nurse Manager – Nights ED, days Med Surg
  4. Telemetry – days and nights, minimum of one year current experience
  5. OR – General surgery needed ASAP.
  6. OR – Surgical Techs needed ASAP (2).
  7. ER Nights (2) – $4500 bonus.

Salary is based on experience.

Differentials will apply

12-hour shifts

One month free accommodation

East Coast

Close to ocean

Great community hospital

Send resumes to

No agency recruitment fee

Canadian nurses and green card holders welcome to apply.

Florida and Pennsylvania Full time positions for Registered Nurses.

Florida and Pennsylvania

Full time positions for Registered Nurses.
Florida – east coast near the ocean.   M/S; Tele; ER.
Pennsylvania – one hour from Pittsburgh; Tele ($3000 bonus); M/S; Behavioral Health (psych).

Canadians welcome to apply.

Salary based on number of years’ experience; shift differentials apply.

Full time positions – 12 hour shifts.

Quick interview!

Send your resume to

Green Card Process for International RN’s

Green Card Process for International RN’s



  • Complete Agency application forms
  • Obtain study materials (Agency recommended complete package $200, includes audiotapes or CD’s, NCLEX review book, pharmacology review book and “nursing made insanely easy” review book.)
  • Apply to Nursing Board and/or  CGFNS       ($160-$275)    (3 months)
  • Study, study, study                                                                 (concurrent with above)
  • Complete CES application if required by board. ($275)        (concurrent with above)
  • Issued ATT (Authorisation To Test) by Board                      (2-3 months)
  • Book exam with Vue ($200)                                                   (2 months)
  • Sit NCLEX/CGFNS                           (travel costs)               (own schedule)
  • Provide result and documentation for visa to agency             (2-3 weeks)
  • Interview for position arranged by agency                             (1 month)
  • Green card application started by attorney                             (2 months)
  • INS issues receipt notice                                                        (4 months)
  • Complete visa screen documentation ($275)
  • Sit NCLEX if only have CGFNS                                           (2 months)
  • Complete packet 3 for Attorney/INS                                     (3-4 months)
  • Consulate application/fee (up to $250 per family member)   (2 months)
  • Consulate required medical per family member (costs vary) (1 month)
  • Interview at local consulate                                                    (3-4 months)
  • Arrange travel and accommodation!


  • Alternative option for CGFNS certificated nurses: sit NCLEX after arrival in US.


This is a lengthy process that each nurse can take at her own pace, step by step.

All costs are in US$$ and can be paid directly to the organizations concerned.

Working as a cook in the USA

Working as a cook in the USA! We arrange guaranteed jobs for candidates.
Please send your CV and profile so that we can submit to our partner in the USA.
Our partner will check your profile for assessment and we will then schedule and interview. If candidates’ request and employers needs match, we start the document processing.

All candidates will receive legal work permit

  • Programme content Internship or training
  • Programme period is minimum 12 months
  • They work min 32 hours  p/w ( they usually work 40h )
  • We work with hotels Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton, Marriot vb.
  • Salary is $10- $13 per hour
  • Candidate needs to have a cooking diploma OR 5 years working experience.
  • If they work – proof of employment certificate needed.

Locations :

  • Indianapolis, IN (we are very active there and can arrange best hotels )
  • Houston, TX
  • Palm Springs, CA
  • Memphis, TN
  • Langhorn, PA
  • Austin, TX
  • Lander, WY

Please contact us for further information, or email

Opportunities in Florida

SNI is now recruiting committed and qualified nurses who are NCLEX passers and are  willing to relocate to Florida and/or Virginia.

Our clients will also sponsor the Canadian TN visa and the Green Card!

Florida (East Coast):

  • Operating room (OR)
  • Emergency Room (ER)
  • Medical-surgical (M/S) – Ortho/Neuro
  • Medical Surgical (M/S –   Oncology
  • Medical Surgical (M/S) – combined with PCU
  • Pediatrics


  • NCLEX passer
  • BCLS/ACLS/PALS as required for position
  • Willing to relocate


  • Salary based on experience
  • Great shift differentials
  • Help with travel
  • 30-day free accommodation upon arrival
  • Attorney fees paid
  • Permanent positions – 12-hour shifts

Please send a detailed resume to:   

Hospitality trainee

Traineeships – J-1 Visa Program (USA)    

SNI (USA) and GRB (UK) offer opportunities to train/work in the USA as a hospitality trainee.


  • 6-12 months placement – your choice. Discuss with your recruiter.
  • Minimum wages – $9 -$15 USD per hour based on 32-40 hour work week.
  • (Servers get a small salary but earn tips)
  • No IELTS/TOEFL needed
  • Employment arranged prior to leaving your home country
  • 30-day accommodation upon arrival. Help finding permanent accommodation.
  • Certificate of Sponsorship and Training Plans supplied

Requirements – 12-months hospitality experience needed:

  • Applicants must be between age 18-years to 35-years
  • Applicants must be willing to go where sponsor needs them the most
  • Graduated from any education program within the last 5-years
  • Have a completed 1-4 year diploma in the past five years
  • Good communication in English.
  • Detailed resume and two (2) letters of reference

Trainee Positions Available – Hospitality:

  • Servers/catering/Food and Beverage/Culinary/Cooks/Server Assistants/Busser
  • Guest Services/Front Desk/Front Office: Some positions require prior experience.

Locations: 5 star hotel/resorts in America and include: Miami, FL; Hilton Head Island, SC; Palm Springs, CA; Aspen, CO; Boston, MA, Park City, UT; NYC; Anchorage AK (Marriott)

Cost for applicant and financial responsibility:

  • Airfare (Round trip); Medical Insurance $1.20 per day; Accommodation if not provided
  • Visa Cost and SEVIS fee: $340 – These are US government fees paid by each applicant..
  • Placement fee: $3,900 USD/6-months or less; $4,950 USD/12-18-months
  • No other costs will be assessed by placement agency.

Contact: or


Sponsoring your green card!

Green Card Sponsorship!

Stateside Network International in cooperation with one of our partners is pleased to offer our green card sponsorship program to international nurses who qualify.

  • IELTS passer with a score of 6.5 overall and a 7 in speaking.
  • NCLEX or CGFNS passer 
  • 1-2year current experience in a hospital setting.

SNI can guide you through the process.  Please submit the NCLEX assistance fee after we have assessed your resume and you want to move forward.  This fee is waived if you take the NCLEX Review Course. The $400 is refundable once you start working.

Detailed resume to include type of hospital, size of hospital,type of patients you care for and equipment used. Submit this ASAP. Then send copy of your IELTS; NCLEX result; CGFNS result and any other certification you have plus a cover letter about you.  When we receive your resume SNI will set a time to talk to you via phone or Skype.  Once we have spoken with you and assessed your English, SNI will assess whether to forward your resume to the employer.

NCLEX and CGFNS:  Once you have either NCLEX orCGFNS and IELTS, the employer’s will issue you a contract and start sponsorship. If you live close to a location where NCLEX testing is offered, NCLEX is required.  For those nurses who do notCGFNS will be required.  CGFNS has locations throughout the world and SNI will help guide you through registration.  During this time you will also register to take the NCLEX test and will take it upon arrival in the USA.  

Benefits Include but are not limited to: $25-$28 per hour salary plus shift differentials; Attorney and all visa costs paid; one way airfare; one-month free accommodation provided when you arrive in America. Employer does not pay any costs for family members but they will be added to the petition. NVC fees paid; $1500 housing allowance upon arrival; $1000 arrival stipend.

Due to the current visa retrogression we cannot offer this program to nurses from the Philippines, India or China but will receive resumes. If you have a current priority date from a previous employer you can transfer to another employer and receive a new contract.  or (NZ)

US Visa Recapture Program

NEW PROGRAM:  Recapturing EB-3 Case Number.

If you are a nurse who was petitioned for the I-140 and have received your approval notice from immigration but your previous employer no longer wants to hire you, we can help you find a new employer and sponsor, recapturing your original petition date.  Please send us details and send the original I-140 approval document if you have it.


  1. Current US license.
  2. Current Visa Screen if available.
  3. Proof of NVC Case Number either the DS3032 or I-864 or DS230 packet if available.
  4. In the past 2 years, finished 1 year clinical bedside work experience.
  5. Proof of IELTS or TOEFL, TSE. If it is not current, please take again. It is possible that you can retake the IELTS while the new petition is pending.
  6. Approval notice from immigration – if not, send us all the prior immigration details.

Current resume – send first so that we can send to employers with license and documentation.

This is an excellent opportunity for those nurses who have been ‘abandoned’ by their previous employer, either because of change in management, sale of facility, budget reasons or position no longer available.  The process will take from 6-months to one year for final approval once the new petition has been filed and receipt of all documentation by the NVC.

Some of the new employers do pay the immigration fees.  Others will not and you are responsible for immigration filing costs. The current positions are hospital based.  Salaries are based on your years of experience and the hospital location.

SNI’s partner, who is based in California, is responsible for submitting your resume to the employer. The employer will then make arrangements to interview you either by phone or Skype. If accepted into the program by the employer you will be offered a contract by the employer.  The contract or Job Offer Letter (JOL) will state salary, length of contract, scheduled shift, shift differentials, relocation allowance and any bonus if it is offered.

Places limited – apply now.

Chef’s Academy of London, New York and Italy

Chef Academy of London, New York and Italy.

chefsacademySNI is pleased to announce its new partnership with the Chef Academy of London and New York.  These courses can be combined with training in Italy. 

The Chef Academy offers a training program for all cooks and chefs who wish to further their careers and also reach the highest level as a chef (Michelin qualified). “Learning by Doing” is the main objective of Chef Academy to allow students to learn the art of cooking and provide a professional platform to learn while in the field. The Academy offers practical and effective courses that focus not only on teaching the main cooking techniques, but also teach the meaning of what it is like to be a chef working in a professional kitchen. Assimilating the chef’s knowledge and learning their secrets will allow students to step into the restaurant world with the characteristics and confidence to be a professional chef.  The best way to learn this trade has always been by learning from a professional in a professional environment. At Chef Academy of London we believe that there is no better method than the practical one. Our students have the chance to learn from London’s Michelin starred Chefs inside their kitchens and to start working right after the completion of the course.

Courses offered:

  • Professional Chef Course
  • Advanced Professional Chef Course
  • Professional Chef Course – Italian Cuisine (Italy based)
  • Michelin Star Course
  • Professional Patisserie and Pastry Course

All courses are on-the-job training and are not classroom based.


  • 18-years or older.
  • Some experience as a cook or chef preferred.
  • Willing to relocate to London, New York or Italy.
  • Enough funds to support yourself while training as you cannot work while attending.


  • $500 SNI administrative fee.  Paid upon registration. There is no college registration fee.
  • Visa costs (if you want SNI to apply for your visa): $1,000 (US).
  • Tuition from 3500 GBP to 11,840 GBP – ($5,600 – $18,940 US).
  • 500 GBP for your Professional Chef Supply Kit and includes:
    • Professional knives (4)
    • Uniform
    • Shoes
    • Chef Academy Culinary Book – this will be your “go-to-bible” for the course.
    • HAACP Certificate – this allows you to work in a kitchen.

 The Chef Academy of New York is now operational – courses can be combined in both London and New York or with Italy.  We are accepting applications now.

Please email us for a complete brochure with complete tuition fees and an application. – 01-850-225-1249