Good news for Filipino and Indian nurses!

American immigration update – some good news for Filipino nurses and Indian nurses!

  • The EB-3 priority date for nurses in the Philippines has moved to 6/1/2015! The previous month’s priority date was 5/15/2014. This is over year of movement for the second month in a row.  This is such good news!
  • EB-2 Dates- have retrogressed to 4/1/2015 (for both PH and ROW).
  • EB-3’s for the Rest of World (ROW)- Current!!
  • EB-3’s India- 7/15/2006 (5 month’s forward) .  There is a new program for nurses from India
  • EB-3’s China- 1/1/2012 (No movement)
  • Many candidates will be current and need their NVC documents in ASAP so their cases can move forward. It is important that you keep all your documentation up-to-date.  If your license has expired, reactivate it – the same with IELTS and Visa Screen.
  • IELTS is good for two years and the Visa Screen (VSC) is good for five years at time of petitioning. 
  • Employers are waiting.


We have more good news related to the August Visa Bulletin that was just released.  The India priority dates moved up a few months and are now sitting at 7/15/2006! It is predicted that they will continue to move up.

Our employer is filing I-140 Transfers for all of our India country of origin nurses who have priority dates (doesn’t matter what year). What does this mean for you?

FOR THE RN: We are offering an India PD Sign on Bonus. It’s a $3000 sign on bonus. The nurse will receive instant $350 USD upon I-140 Transfer filing, then they will receive $1325 when they commence work and $1325 upon completion of 90 days of work in the USA. We feel this will help promote the employer’s program to all nurses!

Also, don’t forget the IELTS Assistance Program (all of the nurses are now automatically enrolled via the addendum they sign in their contracts). This will help them study their IELTS, take predictive assessments and allow us to pay for their IELTS Exam on their behalf.

Looking forward to getting India PD RN’s from SNI.


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