Nursing jobs – USA

Permanent RN Placement-USA

Let SNI help you find a permanent placement.  Permanent RN positions in Florida, Texas, California, New Mexico. All specialties needed. Must have CURRENT  experience. Permanent US residents only. Canadian nurses welcome to apply.  All positions are full-time 36-40 hours a week. Employer payroll.

USA International Nurse Recruitment

Ask us about our ‘recapture program’.  If you have been sponsored for a prior green card but the sponsoring employer is no longer availably please contact SNI ASAP – we may be able to find you a new employer.  Approval of I-140 needed, NCLEX needed, and IELTS preferred.

Update: If you have passed NCLEX and have current hospital experience please get in touch with us – we now have a hospital who will consider sponsoring you. Send your resume with NCLEX details to: