International Hospitals Recruitment Inc

International Hospitals Recruitment Inc

OPPORTUNITIES IN: UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

SNI in cooperation with International Hospitals Recruitment Inc. (IHR) located in Canada is pleased to offer working opportunities in the countries listed above.

Recruitment areas: USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

No recruitment fee to the applicant.  


Current positions available:

  • Physicians (most specialties and sub-specialties)
  • Registered Nurses (most specialties and sub-specialties)
  • Physical Therapists – Occupational Therapists -Respiratory Therapists
  • Radiology Technologists
  • Administrative; Teachers; Technicians

Experience:              2-5 years depending on position

Contract:                   1-2 year (vary by hospital) with option to extend

Physicians 1 month short contracts and longer contracts available.

Salary range: Depending on specialty and experience.

Benefit Package includes:

  • Free accommodation – Free medical coverage
  • Free airfare (Round trip) paid by the employer
  • Free Transportation – Tax free income
  • Contract Completion bonus (2-4 weeks salary)
  • 40-54 calendar days paid vacation per year

Click this link to give you an idea of Salary and Benefits for each category
This website also has the locations available and all job postings.

Send your resume to:             

Phone: -850-225-1249 (USA)