Master’s Degree Program and Bachelor Degree Programs (USA)

Master’s Degree Program and Bachelor Degree Programs, USA

Salt Lake City, Utah; San Diego, California, Santa Barbara, California

  •  Master’s in Health Care Administration – Bachelor’s degree required
  • Master’s in Business Administration – Bachelor’s degree required
  • Master’s In Nursing Administration – BSN required
  • Check with SNI for other programs available.

You can work 20 hours a week while studying  for a Master’s Degree on the Utah campus .

Next Intake: April 2019

Bachelor Programs available – check back for more details.  Cannot work while studying for a Bachelor’s Degree Program.  You will receive the OPT (Occupational Practical Training ) once you graduate – this allows one-year of work anywhere in the country.  Must be related to course of study.

Study/Work:  All students can work while attending a Masters Program. Working is part of the program.   Students receive credit toward the degree as they work in their chosen or related field.

Students may receive OPT (Optional Practical Training) for 12-18 months after graduating.  This allows you to work anywhere in the country.

IELTS score of a 6.0 band overall is needed to enter Master’s Degree Program – IELTS must be current.

If you do not have the required English to enter directly into the program there is an ESL program available.

Tuition and Fees:

$400 administrative fee paid to SNI upon acceptance into the program.
$150 College registration fee.

Initial tuition payment of $3800  must be paid at time of registration.  If the visa is not issued all tuition will be refunded by the college.  The registration fee and the SNI fee is non-refundable.

J-1 Visa:  Students will be required to submit certain financial information. Contact us for details.

Contact the following for more information and to start the registration process: