NCLEX Assistance Program Registration

Registration and fee $995.  $600 due with registration and acceptance into the program.  $395 due when time to register for NCLEX.   Upon receipt of the initial payment the study guides and IELTS study code access will be sent to you. If we cannot help you, based on your resume, no fee is required.


SNI fee – $995 –  First payment $600 upon Acceptance based on your resume and documentation.  final payment: $395 when it is time to register for NCLEX. This includes a 90-day online IELTS study course plus ongoing access to SNI.   If we cannot help you, no consultant fee is charged.

Our NCLEX service will guide you with all of the above.  It is a lot of work, a lot of expense but worth it.  Each application for CES, NCLEX, Visa Screen, is paid by you at the time of applying.

Once you have the initial requirements (NCLEX and current hospital experience) we will submit for direct hire employment.   Please let us know if you would like this service. 

Our goal is to get you ready to work in America.  It takes work and study, but we know you can do it.


Patricia Decker, Director