nsia_adNSIA (New Zealand)

Hotel Management, International Culinary Arts; Hospitality Management

All fees are in NZ dollars.Home stay is available at approximately $200 per week and $200 registration fee.  Medical insurance: $290 – $450 NZD per year (mandatory).  Airport pick-up fee $100 (optional)

All first year tuition fees are to be paid up-front upon registration. If you do not get the student visa from the Consulate for any reason, the tuition will be refunded.  Tuition subject to change.

After successful completion of a course students are entitled to a 1-year open work entitlement leading to permanent residency.

To further your inquiry, please register with us and select the programs you are interested in on our Registration Form. By registering you are not obligated in any way. Pat@statesideinternational.com – Phone: 850-229-1249 (USA).