Total number of jobs: 226,661

Projected job growth, 2016-2026: 30.4%

Median annual salary: $83,501

Typical education: Doctoral degree

Aging baby boomers are a boon for those working in physical therapy. Many more workers will be needed in this field to care for victims of heart attacks and strokes and to lead them through rehabilitation. And with ongoing advances in medicine, more people will survive such traumas and need rehabilitative services. You’ll need a license to go along with your doctorate.

For similar reasons, demand for occupational therapists is expected to grow at a 25.6% clip over the next decade. While physical therapists focus on rehabilitation of major motor functions, occupational therapists help ill or disabled patients develop or recover the ability to independently perform daily tasks, such as dressing or feeding themselves. Occupational therapists typically need a master’s degree to get started and earn a median income of $79,619 a year.  Must now have a Doctorate Degree to work in America.