About SNI

globe_logo    About SNI

Stateside Nursing International has changed its name! Our new name is Stateside Network International – we are still SNI.  This new name reflects our ongoing expansion into the global market place offering a range of services.

SNI is headquartered in the USA and specializes in national and international student placement , plus recruitment and education for those wishing to work and/or study in the USA and around the world.  We also can offer a paid internship program in the UK.

Our director Patricia Decker has been in the placement and recruitment industry since 1994.  Pat worked for one of the top travel nurse agencies in Boulder, Colorado before moving to San Francisco where she started her own recruitment and placement company; Stateside Nursing International (SNI) in 1996 and since changed it to Stateside Network International to reflect our growth and is now headquartered in North Carolina.

The company has expanded over the years into the global market and has added:

  • NCLEX registration and training  program
  • Hospitality and hotel management programs  (Ireland)
  • Master’s Degree study programs
  • Bachelor Degree study programs
  • IT program in Canada (Certificate Program)
  • Study abroad programs in New Zealand; Dubai; UK; Canada; Ireland
  • Study programs in America
  • Opportunity to study and work in UK; Ireland; USA

We feel that with this expansion and diversification of programs we are able to offer greater opportunities to our clients and students.  Watch this space for additional programs.

The SNI team looks forward to working with you.