US Visa Recapture Program

NEW PROGRAM:  Recapturing EB-3 Case Number.

If you are a nurse who was petitioned for the I-140 and have received your approval notice from immigration but your previous employer no longer wants to hire you, we can help you find a new employer and sponsor, recapturing your original petition date.  Please send us details and send the original I-140 approval document if you have it.


  1. Current US license.
  2. Current Visa Screen if available.
  3. Proof of NVC Case Number either the DS3032 or I-864 or DS230 packet if available.
  4. In the past 2 years, finished 1 year clinical bedside work experience.
  5. Proof of IELTS or TOEFL, TSE. If it is not current, please take again. It is possible that you can retake the IELTS while the new petition is pending.
  6. Approval notice from immigration – if not, send us all the prior immigration details.

Current resume – send first so that we can send to employers with license and documentation.

This is an excellent opportunity for those nurses who have been ‘abandoned’ by their previous employer, either because of change in management, sale of facility, budget reasons or position no longer available.  The process will take from 6-months to one year for final approval once the new petition has been filed and receipt of all documentation by the NVC.

Some of the new employers do pay the immigration fees.  Others will not and you are responsible for immigration filing costs. The current positions are hospital based.  Salaries are based on your years of experience and the hospital location.

SNI’s partner, who is based in California, is responsible for submitting your resume to the employer. The employer will then make arrangements to interview you either by phone or Skype. If accepted into the program by the employer you will be offered a contract by the employer.  The contract or Job Offer Letter (JOL) will state salary, length of contract, scheduled shift, shift differentials, relocation allowance and any bonus if it is offered.

Places limited – apply now.