Working in Australia or New Zealand


Agency RN placements let you join the staff with all the benefits that other hospital employees enjoy.  These are not travel nurse positions, but are hospital placements from 1 year to residency and citizenship.

Salary: Nurses may earn a package of $62-78,000Aud per year which is adequate to support a family.    This package may include shift differentials, salary packaging and relocation assistance. “Salary packaging”, offered by some facilities, may reduce taxation on living expenses. That is, your regular bills can be paid out before taxed salary is paid to you. Paid vacation time is up to 5 weeks per year with additional public holidays.

Relocation: Assistance with airfare and initial accommodation varies with each hospital contract. Shared accommodation is about $105-18/week.

Process for Licensure: We facilitate your application and guide you through the licensure and immigration requirements and study and work visas. You will be required to have a visa medical, and pay visa fees of $AUD450 for each visa.


English tests:  If you trained in a language other than English, or the official language of that country is not English, or if your nursing education program does not closely match the Australian or New Zealand nursing education program, then you may be directed by the NZ or Australian nursing authority to complete an 8-12 week Competency or Bridging course, during which, you are not permitted to work. The nurse is responsible for accommodation and airfares while completing the assessment course.  We can assist with accommodation in some locations.


New Zealand: The 8-10 week nursing bridging course in New Zealand is called Competency Assessment Program and costs NZD$6000 ($US4200) not including travel or living costs.  You will need to have completed a 3 year nursing course.  OET “B” pass, or: IELTS (Academic) 7.0 on every band within 12 months, in all attempts, is required.  Once completed, this course enables you to gain an Australian Nursing licence.


Australia: The cheapest Australian Bridging course is $Au11000 in Sydney. Nurses who have not completed a 3 year initial nursing course will have to register for a bridging course in Australia.   If you have a 2-year nursing program, (e.g. from a US community college), you may be directed to complete a year of study in a University, and this course allows you to work for up to 20 hours a week. Australia requires a pass rate of 7.0 in each Band of IELTS unless your Nursing studies were taught and assessed in English and you completed your secondary education in English.


English Language Study: If you have not reached the English levels, required above, we have 2 programs available.

IELTS on-line study course (contact

And: NZ English College where you can study English in NZ for 26 weeks and work up to 20 hours a week while completing the requirements for IELTS/OET and NZ registration. The cost is NZ$280 per week and the total amount must be paid up-front.  You may earn up to $200 per week as a nurse aid in aged care or any other occupation to assist with living expenses.  Email  for more information on this program.


Selection for our placement services:  We decide to work with you on the basis of your IELTS results, your resume, (indicating at least 3 years of acute nursing experience), and a phone interview.


Fees and costs: Our fees depend on which program you intend to pursue and vary from a refundable administration fee of $USD350 to non-refundable fee of $5-1500, depending on your need for reviewing documentation, assisting with education facility applications, liaising with the nursing board, and  arranging accommodation for courses.  This way we ensure that we spend our time giving individual attention to those nurses who are in our program.  This whole process may take up to 18 months before you finally get to start work. We support you through the various processes of the applications for RN licensure, (and, if required, pre-registration program with study visa), followed by job placement with working visa and travel arrangements).

We refund the administration fee once you have completed your 3 month probation period in your job.


Placement as an RN: When you are close to completing the RN nursing bridging course for Australia or NZ, we will submit your file for consideration by an Australian or NZ hospital to sponsor you for a Long-Term working visa.  The Long-Term visa covers your family members, is renewable for a further three years and after 6 months you may also apply for residency.  The other option is to apply for an independent visa.

Useful websites:

Please contact me again when you can provide the required length of acute nursing experience, passing IELTS score and can confirm your ability to pay for the pre-registration course.

Please note: we cannot submit you for any positions at hospitals where you have already applied directly.